Bid Index — Power Up With Pride 2020
Total: $11,469.00 — Choice Total: $6,828.19 — Challenge Total: $4,640.81

Name Run Description Amount Goal
Costume Selection Rabi-Ribi Choose the costume for our bunnygirl Erina! $10.00 (None)
Choose the Soundtrack DuckTales: Remastered Choose the soundtrack - 8bit or modern! $137.00 (None)
Choose the Costume SpongeBob's Truth or Square Choose the costume Spongebob will wear! $91.00 (None)
Choose Spyro's Appearance Spyro the Dragon Using a variety of codes, we can modify the appearance of our lovely dragon friend! $15.00 (None)
Watching the Cutscenes for Plot The Last Guardian We're already very cozy and having fun in The Last Guardian, let's make it better by understanding the story! If this incentive is met, we get to watch 2 important plot cutscenes and the secret ending to see if Trico makes it. The story in this game is riveting, you don't want to leave these cutscenes out! $550.00 $500.00
All Spirits Quest RPG: Brian's Journey Want to see more of the game? Donate to this incentive to see all spirits collected! $250.00 $250.00
Audio Swap Glitch King's Quest V Glitched audio - swaps character voices during cutscenes. If this incentive is met, davidtki will play King's Quest with voice acting during cutscenes being done by the wrong character for each set of dialogue. $100.00 $100.00
Decide Manannan's Fate King's Quest V Choose the fate of Manannan! $130.00 (None)
Choose the Character Mario Kart 64 Choose which character SuperViperT302 will play as! $100.00 (None)
Choose the Character New Super Luigi U Deluxe Choose which character mchan388 will jump through levels as! $110.00 (None)
Hard Any% Zipless Wario Land 4 Make the run harder - upgrade the run to Hard Any% Zipless! Moves most chests and Keyzer to harder to reach locations, adds more enemies everywhere, and gives less time to defeat bosses and escape from levels. This game is super execution-heavy, so trust us when we say the difficulty definitely shows! $1,000.00 $1,000.00
Good Taste/Bad Taste Color palettes. Final Fantasy Legends II Choose between beautiful and beautifully ugly color palettes. This is an ongoing bidwar and the palette can change as the game progresses. This incentive will stay open until Leggy defeats Apollo near the end of the run. $952.00 (None)
Name the Characters Final Fantasy Legends II Name the four characters! Up to 4 letters per character! The top four will be selected. $195.00 (None)
DOS vs Amiga Weird Dreams Will GliitchWiitch play on the very familiar DOS version or will she adventure out to the Amiga version? $140.00 (None)
Watch a Dance Speaking Simulator A game where you play as a humanoid robot, trying to convince others you are human by controlling your tongue to emulate human speech. What does it look like when this robot tries to dance? Find out in this cutscene we will watch if this incentive is met! $300.00 $300.00
Choose the Ending Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream In the ending, will Straynip come back for a friendly visit, to torment you more, or will you completely forget about your companion and only care about delicious stew? This ending will changed based on how nice Arborelia is to Straynap towards the end of the game! $75.00 (None)
Attempt a 1 Credit Clear of Normal Touhou 6 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Make the run harder - up the difficult to Normal and attempt a 1 credit clear! This will show off many more beautiful danmaku patterns. This will also show off level 6 which does not exist on Easy! All donations towards choosing the character/shot type will go towards this incentive. $500.80 $500.00
Choose Character/Shot Type Touhou 6 - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Choose whether we will play as the shrine maiden Reimu or the magician Marisa and what shot type they will use! $69.20 (None)
Song Selection Stepmania Bid for the songs Freyas will play! The top songs will be selected and played on stream! This incentive will stay open until the last song is selected a few minutes before the run ends. You can search songs on and use the Song Search box at the top. $46.00 (None)
Choose the version Gitaroo Man Choose between the US and JP versions! Choose whether the text and dialogue will be in English or Japanese! $25.00 (None)
Name Byleth Fire Emblem: Three Houses Choose the name for Byleth! This name can be up to 8 letters long! $62.00 (None)
Name the Character Pokémon Trading Card Game Name the player! This name can be up to 6 letters long! $79.00 (None)
Choose the Game Pokémon Puzzle League FFRPro21 is an excellent player of both Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (GBC) and Pokemon Puzzle League (N64). This run will be on the hardest difficulty of the game chosen. Choose which game FFRPro21 takes on the Pokemon gym masters in! $20.01 (None)
The Fate of the Animals Super Metroid Only you can decide the fate of the animals! Will they be saved, killed, or taunted and left to die as Samus escapes the planet? This bid will apply to both Super Metroid Ascent and Super Metroid 100% co-op! $1,348.00 (None)
Choose the Character Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Demerine2 is an excellent runner and can run all 5 charaters in Odin Sphere! Choose which character she will play through the game as! $668.09 (None)
Fight the Reaper Silhouette Mirage Everyone loves extra boss fights! The Reaper is an extra boss not included in the initial Sega Saturn release and was added in the PlayStation version. Watch an amazing display of skill as kariohki takes on this extra boss! $1,440.01 $1,000.00
Rescue or Abandon the Space Hooligans Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Decide the fate of the Space Hooligans! $1,265.89 (None)
Name Madeline Celeste Choose the name Madeline will be taking as she climbs Mount Celeste! The name can be up to 10 letters. The top two names will be chosen! $686.56 (None)
Watch the Wavedash.ppt Celeste Need help navigating tough rooms? How to Wavedash.ppt will guide you through these! If this incentive is met, we will watch the How to Wavedash.ppt cutscene after the Celeste race! $500.00 $500.00
The Fate of Marin The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Choose whether to save or leave Marin after completing Eagle Tower! If save is chosen, a cutscene will play where Marin is saved. If leave is chosen, the dungeon will be visited twice to skip the cutscene! $603.44 (None)

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